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Top Selling Christmas Gifts For Women

Author: N M Murray

The list of top selling Christmas gifts doesn't really vary much from year to year, and yet, every year it's the same old story: Suddenly its Christmas time and we are racing around desperate to find last minute Christmas gifts.

This year, be kind to yourself. Get in early, make a list and buy a few presents whenever you can. Use the ideas in this article to help you along.

Whether you are seeking out unique Christmas gifts or want to stick to the top 10 Christmas gifts, it's best to spend some time thinking about the woman you are buying for.

The worst Christmas gifts are those that have been bought with no thought or consideration to the person you are buying for. It doesn't matter how expensive it is, if it's not something the woman you are buying for likes, then it is worthless.

Does she have a hobby? Is she sporty, homey or career oriented? Does she keep up with the fashions? Does she always put everyone else first?

Here are my top tips, in no particular order:

1. Lingerie: - Look for well made classy items. Choose something well designed and elegant. Something that will make her feel feminine dressed in her power suit or overalls, something she can wear anytime. The best Christmas gifts are ones that can be used, not kept for special occasions.

2. Perfume: - Perfume is always in the top 10 Christmas gifts. Fragrance can effect our emotions and attitude and no woman should have to face the world without it. Buy a gift set of mini bottles if you aren't certain what she likes.

3. Day Spa: - Most women love the idea of having an hour, a few hours or . any time focused ONLY on them. Vouchers for a Day Spa always make great Christmas gift ideas. She could have a massage, a facial, body treatment, or whatever else makes her feel special.

4. Jewelry: - Before you go off saying that your wife or girlfriend already has heaps of jewelry, just stop a moment. Does she really? Many women will spend money on costume or fashion jewelry, but never buy themselves pieces of real quality. That job is up to you. Look for classic pieces like tennis bracelets, fine chains with heart shaped pendants, or elegant hoop earrings.

5. Electronic Goodies: - Whoever said women don't like gadgets? Popular gift ideas are things like digital photo frames, mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras, navigational systems, or lap top computers.

6. Kitchen Equipment: - It seems like only yesterday that giving a woman a kitchen appliance for Christmas would have resulted in divorce. Now, everyone wants to get back to the kitchen. We're all into gourmet, home cooked experiences using top of the range utensils and authentic ingredients. Cookbooks by celebrity chefs, restaurant quality cooking gear, funky gadgets and gourmet ingredients all make great Christmas gift ideas.

7. Chocolates: - Do you give her chocolates every year? Well this year you're going to give her chocolates she won't forget. Sign her up for a Chocolate of the Month Club so she gets to enjoy a taste of gourmet, handmade chocolates for the whole year!

8. Handbag: - If your wife or girlfriend has one of those handbags that look like an emergency survival kit designed to see a family of 8 through a nuclear holocaust, then you may hesitate before buying her a sleek designer bag. Just remember, inside every fat bag there is a skinny bag crying to be let out. She'll thank you for it.

9. Art or Ornaments: - Women love to decorate their homes to create an inviting space. Look for something that will suit her current d‚cor. If she has loads of knick knacks and country style furniture, then choose a painting or print of a landscape in a wooden frame. If she favors modern furniture and clear surfaces, then go for a modern abstract. Ornaments also need to suit and lift what she already has. Go for hand blown glass, hand carved wood or top quality porcelain.

10. Stationery: - Personally, I believe you can never have too much stationery. No woman should be without a beautiful set of notepads, diary, and folders. To make your gift truly special, add a good quality pen that you have had engraved with her name or a message that she will treasure.

The list of top ten Christmas presents never fail to please women. You know the woman you are buying for, so you can judge which items are most likely to please her.

Stick to the tried and true list of top selling Christmas gifts for women and stop stressing over what presents to buy. Now don't be fooled into thinking you have heaps of time to shop, remember, Christmas is coming

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